Marco Polo and Rosenblatt Ally to Offer Foreign Brokers Enhanced Trading Services and Distribution to US Institutional Customers

NEW YORKNov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Marco Polo Exchange ("MPX") is delighted to announce an agreement with Rosenblatt Securities to expand the distribution and execution services available to MPX's client base of foreign securities firms accessing US markets under SEC Exchange Act Rule 15a-6.   As part of the collaboration, MPX will offer its industry-leading chaperone and distribution automation solution to Rosenblatt's existing universe of chaperoned brokers.  In turn, Rosenblatt will offer MPX's customers privileged access to Rosenblatt's US and international equity trading services and extensive buy-side relationships.

"We have long been an advocate of expanding US institutional investor access to the universe of international investment opportunities and have offered bespoke services to a dozen or so leading foreign brokers for the past several years to foster that," said Joe Gawronski, CEO of Rosenblatt Securities.  "MPX has invested heavily in technology and created the industry-leading compliance and distribution solution for foreign brokers.  With the scale its portal has achieved through onboarding dozens of clients already, offering our foreign broker partners the opportunity to leverage MPX's centralized distribution and agile compliance platform is a no-brainer."

Rosenblatt's Head of Execution Services, Jourdain Frain, added: "And it's a perfect match as we can continue to serve our foreign broker partners' US and international equity execution needs, as well as open up Marco Polo's existing roster of broker offerings to our large US buy-side customer base."

Steve Carlson, President of Marco Polo Securities, noted: "This combination of Rosenblatt's buy-side relationships and leadership in high touch and electronic execution with our tracking, reporting, and deal management tools, creates the first true hub for foreign firms seeking to market their products to the world's largest market in a transparent, rules-driven framework. Over the past two years, we have invested in bringing a new level of automation and analytics to cross-border workflows, creating a destination for the buy side to see the products and transact with foreign securities firms in a compliant manner.  Today, hundreds of foreign firms seek to promote their products to US investors, either violating US compliance rules or simply avoiding the US altogether out of respect for our rules.  MPX is an invitation to bring that era to an end!"

Martin Hakker, Chief Revenue Officer of MPX, added: "I have known Rosenblatt Securities for a very long time and admired the care and intelligence with which they have built the largest NYSE floor broker and the leading global market structure intelligence product, as well as become one of the most respected and trusted equities boutiques overall in the US.  We look forward to incorporating Rosenblatt's trading capabilities and institutional reach as part of our offering to international securities firms."

About Marco Polo:  Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) is a Delaware-incorporated financial service and technology firm dedicated to expanding cross-border capital raising and investing. We leverage specialist regulatory licenses, blockchain, AI technologies, and ESG compliance to match global buyers with local issuance and investment opportunities. Our mission is to lower the cost of capital for SMEs around the world. Our broker-dealer, Marco Polo Securities, is the leading 15a-6 chaperone broker in the US markets.
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About Rosenblatt Securities: Rosenblatt Securities is a boutique tech research firm, investment bank, and independent institutional brokerage founded in 1979 and headquartered in New York. The firm is the largest floor broker on the New York Stock Exchange and provides industry-leading market-structure analysis, global technology and fintech equity research, consulting and investment-banking services to a wide variety of clients globally, including institutional investors, exchanges, regulators, technology companies, banks, brokers and proprietary trading firms. In 2021 the firm was named Best Firm for Market Structure & Execution Consulting by Financial News. It also has been named two years running to Institutional Investor's FinTech Finance 40 list. For more information, please visit

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SOURCE Marco Polo Exchange LLC