Martin Hakker joins Marco Polo Exchange as Chief Revenue Officer

NEW YORKJuly 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marco Polo Exchange (MPX), a US-headquartered financial services and technology firm dedicated to breaking down the barriers to cross-border investment and capital raising, with a special focus on catering to the ESG marketplace, today announces the appointment of Martin Hakker as Chief Revenue Officer.

Martin joins MPX with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Prior to MPX, Martin spent 25 years at Fidessa, holding roles of Executive Vice President, Head of Americas, and Chief Executive Officer at Fidessa Canada. During his tenure at Fidessa, Martin used his entrepreneurial skills to lead Fidessa’s growth to the industry-leading standard in the US, Canada, and LATAM.

Before Fidessa, Martin was a principal at TCAM Systems, where he and TCAM were at the forefront of automating stock exchanges throughout the globe. His roots in capital formation, lowering entry barriers through cutting-edge technology, and automation led to important disruption across products and solutions for the industry. Martin’s leadership and expertise will be essential in building long-term partnerships with MPX’s growing client base, developing new cross-functional partnerships, and promoting a culture of engagement, collaboration, and innovation with the growing talent at MPX.

“I am excited to be part of such a fantastic team at MPX, executing the vision of lowering the cost of capital throughout the world by building a platform to enable global access to local financial products,” said Martin Hakker. “I believe it can be a powerful catalyst in expanding the financing options of companies across the world. This current wave of data and blockchain technologies is enabling an exciting extension of market reach, something my generation of technologies began, but this generation promises to accelerate. A bold challenge is irresistible!”

“Our ambitions are large – we seek to build the leading global marketplace for financing SMEs as the world economy de-carbonizes and grows sustainably,” said Steve Carlson, Chairman, Magellan Global Inc., parent of MPX.

“Martin brings over three decades of building and managing some of the premier electronic platforms in global financial markets. MPX takes him back to an early passion – bringing technologies to local capital markets. We are delighted to have the benefit of Martin’s extraordinary leadership and expertise,” said Vinode Ramgopal, Executive Chairman, MPX.

About Marco Polo Exchange

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) is a Delaware-incorporated financial services and technology firm dedicated to expanding cross-border capital raising and investing. We leverage specialist regulatory licenses, blockchain, AI technologies, and ESG compliance to match global buyers with local issuance and investment opportunities. Our mission is to lower the cost of capital for SMEs around the world. Our broker-dealer, Marco Polo Securities, is the leading 15a-6 chaperone broker in the US markets.

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