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15a-6 chaperone cross-border securities

MPX PASSPORT broker-dealer chaperoning

PASSPORT’s broker-dealer chaperoning service under SEC 15a-6 rule solves for a foundation constraint on securities firms around the world  – the regulatory wall that separates markets.

PASSPORT US is the leading 15a-6 chaperone in the US markets offering non-US  broker-dealers and financial firms:

    • A “Regulatory Visa” offering access to the US institutional markets
    • Online tools to help FSPs sell their products to all major US institutional investors (hedge funds, pension, family offices, endowments, accredited investors)
    • Compliant access to US markets in hours/days versus months/years

PASSPORT’s integrated chaperone solution allows thousands of FSPs to actively solicit and compliantly distribute investment, data, and execution products to US buyers via a single subscription.


    • PASSPORT Europe
    • PASSPORT China
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