Venture forward: accelerating the evolution of Canada's public venture market

Venture Forward

While Canada’s public venture market has delivered on its promise of growth over the last several decades, markets are not static. TSX Venture Exchange is focused on identifying and seizing opportunities to build from our position of strength to ensure that Canada's public venture market remains a critical driver of economic prosperity, and maintaining our competitive edge on the global stage.

In this white paper, we outline three broad areas where TSX Venture Exchange and the Canadian public venture ecosystem can take action to innovate, adapt and evolve over the coming years:


barriers and burdens to access public venture capital

the global base of investors and capital that support and finance issuers

empower and strengthen the public venture capital ecosystem and its participants

Over the coming months, we aim to engage with representatives from across our stakeholder community to gain a full understanding of how our markets can better support early-stage companies. As we embark together on this journey, we will also share progress updates and our plans.

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