Bridging Local and Global Investment Markets

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX)

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) is a US headquartered financial services and technology firm seeking to breakdown the walls inhibiting cross-border investing and capital raising.

We have created the first fintech platform with built-in compliance that enables local securities firms to distribute their investment products around the world.

We leverage specialist regulatory licenses, blockchain, AI technologies and ESG compliance to improve the fundamentals of global investing and capital raising.

Our mission is to lower the cost of capital for SMEs around the world.

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) Specialist Supervisory Chaperoning Licenses under 15a-6 rule

Over 90% of financial advisors and securities firms are not licensed to sell outside their home markets.  We solve for that with our chaperoning services and compliance solutions.

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We offer local securities firms the technologies transforming global financial markets – data, AI and blockchain.

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Marco Polo Exchange: MPX Technologies
Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) Product Polo for ESG Investing

ESG is a new compliance framework that can transform SME capital raising.  We offer ESG tools and alliances to accelerate access to ESG capital.

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Seven Continents, One Subscription, Zero Boundaries

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