Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) is a Delaware LLC, incorporated in 2020.  MPX acquired Marco Polo Securities (MPS), a specialist US registered broker dealer in 2020.

We combine our proprietary security licenses with the latest technologies to deliver smart solutions for SMEs and their agents to increase the ratio of global buyers to local issuances.


MPX is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to cross border investing and capital raising.

We believe blockchain, AI and ESG will rewrite global investing rules and disrupt global investor access to local investment opportunities.

We seek to significantly lower the cost of capital for SMEs.  Contact us and learn more about how we can benefit you.


The MPX team of seasoned entrepreneurs and investment professionals have built and led capital market and fintech platforms in the cross-border space.


Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) Passport: broker-dealer chaperoning services (15a-6 rule)

Passport is our global compliance solution for securities firms to solicit and distribute their products to the major international markets without additional licenses.

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) Bridge Product

Bridge is a suite of solutions enabling clients to search and match products to buyers, execute online roadshows and deal management, and tokenize products to access the base of token investors.

Marco Polo Exchange (MPX) ESG Products

POLO is our platform of technology driven ESG products designed to simplify compliance and enable access to the $30T ESG investing marketplace.